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WUKA: My PCOS Journey and Reusable Period Pants

WUKA: Wake Up and Kick Ass Reusable Period Pants

WUKA reusable period pants

2020 was certainly not the year we were expecting. I think it’s safe to say it had a negative impact on almost everyone, everywhere around the world.

The impact from the pandemic has left people and families still trying to pick up the pieces. Such a thing is impossible not to effect one’s mental health, emotions and have a triggering effect on our hormones.

People manage their mental health differently, no one person is the same and how we cope and how things effect us can be different. Our symptoms are not all the same, stress can effect us all differently.

One symptom of stress can be seen with your menstrual cycle. Emotions run wild, hormones change, we loose control of our actions. Our periods never end or they never start.

For me, my period since April last year has been erratic. As you know, I have spoken about my PCOS before, but this year things changed for the worst. It’s hard to blame it on Covid. I had just turned 33 when 3 months later I realised I had not stopped bleeding.

Having POCS can come with a package of different symptoms, you may have 1 or you may have 10 of them. I can go many months bleeding then many months without a period so I wasn’t too concerns after 3 months. But the pain that came with it was a new pain. It’s important to keep track of the things that feel normal and not as they can be a sign of other things that you may need to go to the GP about.

I waited until September. The heavy bleeding continued and the pain too. I finally saw my GP who referred my to the gynecologist but due to Covid I am still awaiting an appointment.

One thing I have learnt since being a teenager is that there is nothing to be embarrassed about when talking periods. And that we have to be kind to our bodies. I wish when I was a teenager that we had such products like WUKA reusable Period pants.

WUKA Period Pants

Having the constant bleeding, I am often swollen or very sensitive and so using products can be too invasive for me. As well as expensive. Sustainable periods should not be a luxury.

The most obvious benefit of buying WUKA period pants is the less waste to the environment but also it’s discreet. No one needs to know you are wearing them. They are completely leak proof and you can use for over 2 years.

I wear them most days now and it’s so simple as to wash then and go.

What I love the most if that they offer a range of types such as heavy, medium and light.

For every pair of reusable period pants you buy you save approx 200 disposables being put into landfill too! It really is a win win!

If you have any questions please let me know as I have been using these since they came out in 2017 and really swear by them.

WUKA reusable period pants

I’ll keep you updated on my PCOS symptoms and hopefully have more positive news to share in 2021!

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