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My No Make Up Look with IT Cosmetics

My everyday make up look has to be the No Make Up Look. You might ask what the point is that? Well, I’d rather look after my skincare while covering up my red rosacea cheeks, especially when all I’m doing is zoom meetings!

So, I always go for something super natural and most importantly quick!

IT cosmetics offer real results for so many different skin problems and whether that’s a skincare concern you have or a make up solution you may be looking for.

I usually mix up my items from different brands but with look there’s no need to. IT cosmetics provide the perfect skincare base and coverage you need. Full coverage or not!

Let’s get back to base!

A lesson I have learnt along the years is to always have a good base. It doesn’t have to be lots of products. The importance is keeping your skin hydrated. Otherwise your make up will dry out quick and start to flake. That’s not a good look!

Confidence in a cream does what it says on the tin! If you have extra dry skin then they have just launched a new hydrating formula. Many people skip products on their day time routine but what is important is a face cream and eye cream.

The most delicate part of the skin is the eyes and so the skin really needs something concentrated. Something that helps brighten the area is a bonus. I have fallen in LOVE with the Bye Bye Under Eye cream. It has a cooling effect on your skin and instantly makes you feel more awake and fresh.

Added extra

After you’ve cleaned your make up off and a nighttime, it’s important to keep hydrated. Why not get extra hydration while your asleep. Confidence in your beauty sleep is a lavender night cream and it smells amazing. It has a marshmallow texture and a hydrating cream texture.

The No Make Up Look

If today isn’t the first time you have heard about It Cosmetics, it’s probably because you’ve heard, or have the CC Cream. The CC Cream is a Number 1 best selling CC Cream in America and offers full coverage. The best bit, it’s anti aging and SPF 50. It comes in 14 shades so there is plenty of choice to meet you’re shade.

The formula is super hydrating and when used on top of the right skincare, your skin will be glowing with a natural but full coverage.

The aim behind no make up make up is coverage without looking like you are wearing make up. The under eye is the most popular place we need to brighten.

The Bye Bye under eye concealer is the most powerful product I’ve every used. It comes in 24 shades! A Little goes a very long way. The formula is very tick and the best coverage I have ever had. I use the smallest amount possible to come out of the tube and then warn the product with my little finger before dabbing it on the desired area. You can check a knockout post here and understand the kind of skin treatment you need.

Now you have most of your face on keeping it simple, you have to fill in your brows. There is a little difference in a no make up look but you have to do your brows. The Brow Power universal pencil has a brush tool on one side and the eyebrow pencil on the other side. It’s formulas to provide natural looking brows with an oval tip for all brow types. You can also check this site out to get threading and shape your eyebrows with a professional.

The last few things to finish off this simple quick look is a setting power. The Pressed powder offers a airbrush look while minimising pores. And Finally, add the superhero mascara. From here, if you have more time you can add whatever you like but this look covers the basics.

All of these products I have tried for myself and I can vouch that they are wonderful.

I have also used the brushed and have a small review of them in my gift guides. Check out the website for more brushes available in separates too.

If you are interested in trying any products then they sell mini’s so you can sample without having the buy a full product.

*gifted products

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  1. 07/02/2021 / 7:29 pm

    Really enjoyed this post! I’m loving IT cosmetics at the moment, and I can’t wait to try more of the skincare too.

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