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Breath In The Fresh Air: Czech Republic Spa Escape 2021

A spa never looked so good in life after lockdown. Why are Czech Republic Spa hotels the best place to head for fresh air and the best spa’s? I’m about to tell you why!

The world of travel has changed and although the world will soon start to open up again, things will look very different. There’s no doubt that Czech Republic offers a wealth of spa history with years of traditions. It’s arguably one of the healthiest places to visit for clear fresh air.

Karlovy Vary is a district in the West Bohemian part of Czech Republic. You can get there about 1 hour from Prague and is closer to the Germany border. The district if famous for it’s Spa towns and is popular with people all over the world as a place of relaxation and treatment.

Czech Republic is home to the finest spas and are the treatment GIANTS in Europe!

It’s important to note that the term Spa in this part of the world refers to medical treatment as well as relaxation. Of course it’s a bit of both but with modern techniques.

These top 3 places in the area to stay offer different themes, techniques and opportunities to meet everyone’s needs.

Svata Katerina Resort

This unique hotel is based in the Moravian highland forest and roughly a 2 hour drive from Prague.

The site alone is only accessible via a shuttle and the area only allowed access to electric cars. The site is roughly 730 metres above sea level and surrounded by 13th century springs. The hotel lives by its Green Philosophy.

The resort first opened in the 19th century as a treatment centre for respiratory problems. Now it has blossomed into a luxury treatment centre offering a huge range of treatments and relation for all needs. The the thing that remains is how pure the air is in and around the resort.

The resort offers 79 rooms spread across 3 different buildings.

The inspiration behind the resort and treatments are both European and Indian background. The resort is unique in offering a focus around the treatment of Ayurveda.


This 5000 year old traditional Indian medicine uses a mixtures of techniques recognised by the world health organisation.

It offers a detox programme, cooking classes using local foods, and focuses on the spirit, mind, balance and harmony within. You can choose a package from 3 to 22 days and this can be a specific treatment plan. Examples of treatments plans can be focuses on back pain, weight loss, rejuvenation, breathing problems.

The land surrounding the resorts offers luxury facilities including golf, tennis, spa facilities, Yoga and a water temple.

Head over to their website to check out the list of packages they have available.

Ensana Resort – 7 Czech Republic Spa to choose from

The Ensana Resort is where natural healing meets hospitality. They have a wide range of resorts across Europe including the UK and each resort is inspired by world heritage.

Ensana Czech Republic Spa

The Czech Republic site of Marianske Lazne has been popular with European elites since the 18th Century and the town has been voted into the top 30 most beautiful in Europe. It is in the southern region of Karlovy Vary and only 1 hour 45 min from Prague.

The resort was a popular site for British royalty King Edward who would visit every summer for it’s mineral bath. This 20th Century spa offers both traditional and modern methods with over 20 doctors and it’s healing springs.

Czech republic Spa

A popular method they have is using the mud/peat, mineral water and gases for natural healing properties.

At this Czech Republic spa they treat many things and specialise in the nervous system and circulation. No.1 in offering treatments centered towards the kidneys and uniary tract infections.

The clean air allows time to heal.

The resorts offers 7 different hotel options. In the heart of them is the spa, one of the largest spa complexes in Europe with over 900 rooms. All together, the hotels offer a range from 5*, 4* and 3* and so different prices package are available as well as treatments.

There are plenty of leisure activities to enjoy including a royal golf club with over 115 years foundation, tennis, skiing and symphonic concerts.

Savoy Westend 5*

This luxury hotel is based in the heart of Karlovy Levy and the only resort licensed by the Czech Ministry of Health.

The resort has been winning awards since 2017 and is famous for it’s underground hot mineral water.

The medical centre is connected by the 5 different villas. In total 113 rooms including luxury apartments. It is a comfortable environment for short and long stays depending on your treatment package. The site also has 2 restaurants.

This resort has a fairytale architecture and offers luxury and romantic settings. The centre has 35 doctors and offers over 300 treatments.

A popular package is the immunity package, perfect for life after covid. The opportunity to detox to lungs, liver and kidneys.

The medical centre offer 2 NEW treatments including a 2 week treatment to treat a fat liver by cleaning the heavy metals in the blood and the NEW Stem cell treatment.

STEM CELL Treatment

A first in terms of treatments designed here at the Savoy Westland. The Stem Cell treatment is like no other.

Instead of replacing your stems with new ones, they extract and renew your existing cells and replace them. This can help with conditions such as auto immune disorders, thyroid, diabetes and help with anti aging.

At this hotel you can buy packages that including your accommodation, food and tailored treatments according to your needs including medical treatments and spa treatments.

Czech Republic Spa Towns

Karlovy Vary is just a small district In Czech Republic but the country has so much to offer. Of course when we think of the country we think of Prague. It’s hard not to when it’s one of the most top visited European cities for visitors. But the country will inspire you in the winter and the sun. With twelve UNESCO sites and a whole bunch of deep routed history to explore, It really is a great destination to consider your next trip.

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