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Top Woody Scents for Summer for 2021

There are many woody scents when it comes to perfumes. All contain aromatic head notes or citrus, but they all don;t smell the same.

The woody scents are often associated with male perfumes however your can find them more and more in women’s too. They are popular for being long lasting and having powerful rich tones. Most of the ingredients come from the tree, hence why its called Woody scent. Using the barks, leaves and roots, you also add scents of fruit and spices to make it a spicy fragrance or more fruity and light.

If you are looking for your ideal Woody Fragrance here are a few ideas:

Jimmy Choo: I Want Choo

With top notes of Peach and Mandarin Orange, and hart notes of red spider lily and jasmine, this woody scent has a oriental scent to it. The vanilla of the base notes really comes through. It also contains the resin the bark of trees called Benzoin which adds to the sweetness of this perfume. Because of this sweetness it takes away from being a masculine fragrance and perfect for the ladies.

Narciso Rodriguez: For Her EDT

A feminine woody scent with top notes of water flowers and lily of the valley.

This is has heart notes of musc and base notes of patchouli, the oil from the leaves of the tree. It gives it a wood pulse but keeping it light. The delicate floral notes makes it a very versatile scent.

Armani: Si

A grounded woody scent, a contemporary feminine scent that catches attention. The woody notes of oakmoss and patchouli again but this time paired with honey hues and fusia makes it stand out from the crowd. The top notes of Blackcurrant liquor makes it perfect for that special occasion with a hint of sweetness for summer.

Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle

Another oriental woody scent this time from Chanel.

The well known classic perfume has tones for everyone. It’s distinctive Chanel scent makes anyone feel good. The perfume has an overdose of patchouli warmed by vanilla and tonka bean. The heart of the perfume has rose and jasmine bring the floral scent through however the Tonka Bean is a powerful scent keeping that intense woody scent lasting all day.

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