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Fancy Crab: London’s Best Crab Restaurant

The Fancy Crab restaurant is the only place you will find The Red King Crab in London. The restaurant is a paradise for seafood lovers and situated in the heart of London City Centre.

We visited the restaurant for lunch midweek because there’s no doubt if you don’t book a table for the evenings. You may not get a seat and the weekends are extremely popular too.

After being greeted by our host and shown our table we introduced to our waiter. Our waiter was a true crab connoisseur. I explained to him that this was my first experience eating crab and so he made sure it was one I did not forget.

The crab served in The Fancy Crab are caught in Russia’s Arctic Ocean for just three months out of the year. The only choose to pick the king crabs and throw the female and smaller crabs back in.

The ocean out here is cold and harsh but provides the Red King Crab, the largest of the seas. Once caught, the crab is frozen until cooked in the restaurant and ready to serve. Our waiter explained that freezing the crab helps preserve its true flavours in the seawater, unlike other seafood.

The menu offers a wide selection for seafood lovers and for those who are not in the mood and may prefer a burger. For starters, we were recommended the King Crab Bon Bons which were a great introduction to the meat. The shredded crab was served with tomato marmalade with another start of Grilled octopus with balsamic glaze. The presentation of the dishes was spectacular and they tasted amazing.

The main dish

Ready for the main dish we opted for some extra Red King Crab over charcoal from the A la carte menu. This is the most popular dish on the menu and also comes serviced on ice if preferred. This point our waiter explained to the different parts of the crab and how they would taste different. The claws were my least favourite part of the crab but the middle section which is called the merus and carpus was my favourite.

Once we had mastered the art of removing the crab I moved on to my main dish the Singapore chilli crab which was delicious. It came with its own bib just in case I made any mess. This was needed, I must say. The dish was packed full of flavour and the crab was an added extra. We also had the pan-fried cod which was very fresh and served with rich Jerusalem Artichokes Puree and Robust Vierge Sauce.

In between meals we had a chance to explore the restaurant and its new decor. The decor is modern with a touch of class. The artwork is unique on the walls mixed with victorian style portrait hangings and modern light fixtures. It certainly has a luxury feel from the moment you walk in. You can see why it won a national award for design in 2018.

The Fancy Crab is a great place to treat yourself or learn and taste something new like I did. It is the only place that sells the one of a kind Crab and with the hope that they will expand so that there are more opportunities for people to try the best seafood in town.

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