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London Nights: The London Cabaret Club

The London Cabaret is open and back for another new season show. It changes yearly with new shows, new surprised each offering a different experience!

I was lucky enough to watch the Queen of Roses cabaret show at The London Cabaret and is a breathtaking show.

The shows are on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and ideal for groups or couples wanting to do something a little bit different. The experience is a dinner like no other with breathtaking entertainment that takes you back in time.

The Queen of Roses was a unique tour of London history and performed by some of the top talents in town. The show takes you through history and the reigning queens of the time. Expect to see Queen Victoria, Elizabeth, and some other queens in there too without any spoilers.

Prior to the show, there is a chance to get a glimpse of what to expect in the Rose bar. You will be joined by the actors and singers who get their dancing shoes on and start the party with some slow music. It is at this point you can purchase some drinks with offers and have a choice of canapes to keep you going until your meal.

During the show, we had the three-course dinner with a bottle of wine to share and a cocktail each. For starters, we had fresh scallops which were lovely. Following by the best-cut beef dish for main and a zesty cheesecake for dessert. You also get all the extras depending on what package you choose to purchase for the show. We had bread and cheese at the end too. We had the Diamond Ticket, you can also get the Silver and Gold.

The cocktail was a perfectly themed Earl grey, Martini, to finish off the show. Afterwards, we joined the backdrop of the whole show, the Dj’s, into the lounge area. Then we danced until the early hours of the morning. The night was full of birthday parties of young girls, to couples anniversaries. Even mothers and daughter celebrations. It truly is an experience you can all share and definitely worth a visit while you’re in London.

The Queen of Roses is a show you can’t miss and here for Autumn 2019 only. For tickets and menu choices then you can visit the website here. All tickets get you to access to the pre and aftershow, enjoy the party! 


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