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UK Staycations On A Budget With Zeni

The pandemic causes a huge stir in the tourism industry across the world. But what was the impact on the UK?

We’ve seen a huge rise in staycations, mainly because we can’t go abroad safely at the moment and people have started to realise just how versatile the UK is for holidays!

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the UK and the more uncertainty we have, the more you will hear the term staycations. It’s not going away any time soon.

With the rise in travel in the UK come a rise in cost. That is why looking for Budget accommodation is worth the while, especially if you are spending most of the time outside visiting places.

Zeni offer affordable UK hotels and repurpose vacant apartments all over the UK.

The accommodation can be repurposed student accommodation that during the summer months are not used.

The best thing about this is at that most of the sites they have around the UK are based centrally so that getting around and exploring is easy.

Zeni offer a range of apartments for all needs including en-suite apartments, Studio apartments and family apartments too.

My Zeni Stay

In the centre of London you will find the Vauxhall Zine accommodation less then 100 yards from the Tube station near the Thames. Here you can access all of the sites and central London super easy!

The site has 24 hour security on and free Wi-fi. A short stroll away was the Tate Britain ideal for visiting on a budget as it’s FREE!

My apartment has a small kitchen that was fully equipped so you can keep costs down by cooking however there are plenty of places to eat outside and the Vauxhall Comedy club directly outside has street food vendors you can go and try too!

You also get fresh bedding and towels so you don’t need to worry about packing them on your trip. All of the bedding and towels were very clean.

The Zeni brand have over 16 locations to choose from and some offer more than 1 option per city. This is great for people who might not be travelling for tourism but have other things on like work arrangements and looking for somewhere to stay.

En suite rooms start from £45 in London However other cities can be cheaper depending on location. ALL prices are budget and low cost so it is worth considering. Most accommodation is usually available during the summer months when students are away. So if you are planning to travel i suggest you book in advance.

Zeni offer your own private accommodation but at hostel prices. More pennies in your purse to spend getting around and seeing new places.

An added bonus to staying with Zeni, you are playing your part in reducing carbon footprint. Using already empty apartments helps you do your bit.

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