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Sensitive Summer Skin With Emma Hardie

A simple but a effective formula is what makes Emma Hardie award winning.

That is why her products are my fave luxury must haves for the summer.

The primary function of her products are to hydrate and can be used on all skin types. Making them perfect for sensitive skin types. People can check top dermatologist Central Park to solve skin related issues.

Starting with a non invasive facial, Emma focuses on natural ingredients to make the skin more resilient and plumper with similar results.

Benefits to sensitive skin

Emma Hardie products all contain cruelty free products and avoids skin sensitive ingredients. The ingredients are all botanical and natural to achieve younger looking skin.

In the summer our skin changes and we have to ensure now more then ever that we need to apply generous SPF and keep our skin hydrated.

My top picks from the skincare range for summer help to fight against the UBV levels and give that glow you want too!

I’ve put together a list in the order of applying for the perfect protect and glow.

The NEW Midas Touch Super Serum

This powerful serum contains MossCellTex. This magic formula helps increase hydration and also barrier function. Helping to block out all the pollution your skin picks up when you’re outside this summer. The serum has extra power by added Vitamin C and E.

It also contains Ultra-filling Spheres which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and plump out your skin.The final ingredient that gives the lasting glow is the Niacinamide which helps increase elasticity. You can start to see the effects from as little as 4 weeks. This would be your first product to use before your moisturiser.

Protect and Prime SPF30

This product is very versatile. Not only does it have a large concentrate of SPF it is non greasy too. A lightweight formula that protects and primes your skin. You can use this as a moisturiser too. Because of this it would be your second product to use from the range. The formula helps blur the appearance of fine lines and so you can wear this is without make up if it’s too warm out there.

Plump and Glow Hydrating Facial Mist

This is great to apply throughout the day and after your make up too. Keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day is very important. Not only does it help hydration but the appearance of your make up will look better. It will also help stop the drying out due to the make up products.

This spray is refreshing and great to use if you’re out in the warm sunshine for a while. It contains Glycofilm which is a “second skin” to protect cells from damaging. A little like damage control in the sun. It also provides invisible colour correction helping to balance redness which is great for Rosacea.

Stay protected against the Virus

The Coronavirus has taught us all to stay protects when your out and about. Hand Sanitisers are everywhere. Emma Hardie has created a new moisturising hand sanitiser helping to protect against 99.5% of bacteria.

They have added Pollustop to keep the hands hydrated and soft. It has a shield that protects the skins microbiome to help limit the pollution from damaging the hands.

An important thing to remember is that although these products are great for summer, the same damages aply all year round and so they would be an investment at any time of the year.

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