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What To Do In and Around Malpas and Cheshire

Malpas can be found in the south of Cheshire countryside and is a beautiful town dating back to the medieval times.

It is roughly a 30 minute drive from Chester and has great access and links to easily explore the countryside of Cheshire.

The Village of Malpas sits at the foot of the hill of St Oswald’s 14th Century church. The church has a beautiful view across the countryside. The Flemish windows glimmer in the sun. The sounds of the bells remind you of the grand presence of the church.

The word Malpas translates to “bad road” in French. It links to the the wildness of the territory, which was vulnerable to welsh raids. Now, it’s a fast growing centre home to The Lion at Malpas, beautiful local shops and new homes. Lots of exciting things will be coming to the area soon!

What to do in Cheshire

The best way to get around Cheshire is by car given the vast countryside landscape. The roads are well kept and easy to drive on without getting disorientated.

There are lots of gardens and homes to visit in the area such as Cholmondeley castle gardens who have a lovely cafe too. If you’re visiting over the weekend and a keen sports fan, they have a special Saturday club where you are invited to run, cycle of walk 3k around circuit or enjoy wild swimming in the freshwater lake.

A short drive away is the Cheshire Workshops. Located in Beeston in Cheshire, the workshop used to be known as The Candle Factory. They offer candle making classes as well as other activities for the kids.

Or big kids, if you want to join in. We made a candle and had lunch in the cafe which offered fab prices and the best views over the hills. You can grab some ice cream or browse the gift shop as you wat for your candle to set.

Tattenhall, only a couple of miles away is a picturesque village and home to the Marina and the Ice Cream Farm. The marina has over 300 boats and a highlight is to sail is the four counties ring.

If you’re not into boats, then the Ice Cream farm is only across the road . It’s a large tourist attractions offering rides and entertainment to children and families. They have a brilliant drive through if you don’t have much time. However, the site is great for children and families wanting to let the kids enjoy the colourful activities. But for ice cream lovers, they have over 50 flavours of ice cream to choose from! My advice would be to book up, its free and easy but make sure you are booked so you don’t miss out.

Where to Dine

We took a trip to the welsh border a short drive away to visit Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. We went to dine at the luxury Palm Court.

They offer a unique dining experience including lunch and afternoon tea menus. We visited for the A La Carte menu. I have to say I had the best scallop dish I’ve had. The creative menu blew me away and the service too!

We also ate at The Lion At Malpas, where we were staying. The food was excellent and you can read all about that in my post.

A Day trip in Chester

Voted Staycation award for 2020/21, Chester is the walled city with a bit of history on every corner.

Located on the banks of the river Dee, Chester is a beautiful city that still has it’s old city wall remains dating back to the Vikings. It is home to the oldest racecourse and the largest roman amphitheatre in Britain. The city is truly is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

Chester is a brilliant place to have lunch, do some shopping and plenty of sites to visit. You can have a stroll down to the river dee and catch a boat tour. On the river you will find lots of different companies offering boat tours including some private ones too. We didn’t book but did have to queue for about 20 minutes. There are a few brilliant ice cream shops and restaurants to grab a drink or food.

We sat on the rooftop of the boat while we listened to some history of the town and got so see a beautiful view of the suspension bridge.

When your walking the city you could book a walking tour with the romans who teach you about the 2000 years history of the city! We did a spot of people watching while having lunch at a cute cafe in the rows, which are home to local quirky places to shop and eat.

If you are thinking of a day trip to Chester, I would recommend is to park and ride. Not only is it easier and very quick but it keeps pollution out of the city centre too.


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