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Dirty Dancing Premiers at Sunderland Empire

Theatre is back, Sunderland Empire hosts the first show of the tour, Dirty Dancing.

Nobody puts theatre in the corner!

My first show back at Sunderland Empire and what a corker!

Dirty Dancing Sunderland Empire

Sunderland plays host to some of the best theatre shows that tour across the UK. This time it was Dirty Dancing. The night was full of die hard fans and the producers of the show for it’s first night. And what a night!

The show features 35 of the top hits from the smash hit movie. It includes Hungry Eyes, Hey Baby and Do You Love Me?

The show follows the film of when Baby met Johnny. Most of you would have probably seen the hit movie,. Expect a rendition celebrating the cast and era of the time it was released.

Dirty Dancing took to stage as a musical in 2006 in London. And is the fastest ever selling show in West End history.

“Produced by Karl Sydow in association with Lionsgate, Magic Hour Productions and Triple A Entertainment Group, and written by Eleanor Bergstein – script writer of the phenomenally successful 1987 film – the production features the much-loved characters and original dialogue from the iconic film, as well as exciting extra scenes.”

Michael O’Reilly plays Jonny, who really did rile up the audience. He masters the role of Jonny to perfection and has the body to go with it. Alongside him, Baby played by Kira Malou, she was the spitting image of Baby from the movie, but with added humour throughout the show. You really will fall in love with her.

Then there was Penny….Played by Carlie Milner. I could not stop looking at her legs and boy could she dance!

The whole cast nailed the dancing and at points you forget about the film and become engrossed by the dancing on stage. Just like Baby did when she walked into that club!

It’s hard not to enjoy this show, it’s pure nostalgia and a great laugh and night out!


Dirty Dancing will be at Sunderland Empire until Saturday 18th September. If you don’t manage to get tickets here you should definitely check out other locations on the tour. Tickets start from £13.00.

Finally, remember to have the time of your life!

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