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Do You Believe: The Cher Show is at Sunderland Empire

Sunderland Empire is turning back time with a brand new musical, The Cher Show.

Where to start with a musical about Cher! The new musical depicts Cher’s iconic musical career and the legend herself. The show an a huge list of behind the scene icons too!

Direction of the show is by the only and only Arlene Phillips and Choreography by Oti Mabuse. You can expect upbeat, professional dancing but most of all ENERGY!

Behind the costume design is Gabriella Slade who you’ll recognise from Six the Musical and also Spice Girls the move! When it comes to Cher, if for some crazy reason you don’t know at least one of her songs, then at least you’ll know her iconic looks.

The show starts off with A young Cher, a shy daughter of an Armenian American truck driver to the star she is now. The show uses three different Cher ‘s which is a great idea because Cher has so many sides to her. Cher is more than just a singer and using three different incredibly talented women is a great idea for the show.

Debbie Kurup, Oliver nomination award actress has featured in The Bodyguard, Bonny and Clyde and The Price of Egypt to name a few of them. Her experience in so many musicals shines through on stage!

Trust me, this is no Tribute act!

The Three Cher’s work together at once to tell you the story and let me tell you it’s no tribute act. each and every person is amazingly talented. the show is so energetic from scene to scene it really doesn’t stop. Just like Cher!

The three headline ladies have a track career record and it’s no surprise why they were picked for each role. Plus the harmonies they sing together are perfection!

Danielle Steer AKA Catherine Parr from Six, is another brilliant casting. Another huge list of musical experience includes Bat out of Hell, The Bodyguard and Beautiful, The Carol King Musical.

Millie O’Connell AKA Anne Boleyn from Six and Maureen in RENT you can see why she was part of the trio.

The three come together with their experience and confidence to showcase to power of Cher and the story that you can achieve anything when you put you’re mind to it. A truly uplifting and vibrant show. I felt super empowered when I left and of course The Cher Show went straight onto the Spotify to carry on the party after!

The show features 35 Cher songs including “if I could turn back time” and “Believe”.

Cher is Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe WINNER with over 100 million record sales throughout her career. Known as the queen of reinvention, the show manages to fit in her huge accomplishments together in one night. You don’t want to miss this!

HERE UNTIL 30th April 2022!

For tickets for The Cher Show then head to Sunderland Empire site now!

*gifted ticket

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