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Dreamboats and Petticoats at Theatre Royal

Bringing on back the good times is Dreamboats and Petticoats and Theatre Royal.

As seen on TV this show is a non stop chart topping gig full of feel good songs. The musical is based on the novel by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran and brought to life for you to relive all the songs all over again.

The show is set around the years on 1957 to early 60’s and takes you on the story of Bobby (played by David Ribi) and his girlfriend Laura (played by Elizabeth Carter). It follows their journey to get famous and takes you on the road with them and their band across the UK and popular holiday hot spots.

The show takes you back to those summer holidays and the often music reminds you of the places you used to go as a teen or child.

The show is upbeat and the costumes really take you back that time. I just loved the fashion back then, and it’s still around now too!

Dreamboats and Petticoats reflect on what it feels like to have the support of a band and the confidence your friends can give you. It also has a good focus on the role of women at that time too and what it would truly be like to grow up as a teenager at that time. As well as the serious tones there are a lot more funny parts and characters that bring real humour to the show such as “Norman” played by Alastair Hill who flirts with the ladies but gets brought back down to reality pretty quick!

Anthony Costa from Blue joins them as “Larry” the cockney, father/business man role and he plays the part brilliantly. His voice is so smooth in the hits that he sings also and the audience just loved him.

Newcastle Theatre Royal had a treat with this throwback show and the toon loved it. The Theatre Royal was a perfect stop for Dreamboats and Petticoats and keep you’re eyes out for more fantastic shows.

The crowd was humming along politely and bopping in their seats to their favourite songs and it is such a feel god show. Any age can enjoy this show, the music is non stop and there will deffo be some tunes that you’ll know if you don’t know all of them. It also has references back to the carry on movies and some brilliant re-enactments.

If your a Eurovision fan like me, the show takes you on the the journey to getting to the Final and I won’t spoilt the rest for you. You’ll have to go and see it! Spoiler alert, there’s no NIL POINTS this time!

The show is running across the UK and Ireland Until 30th July 2022.

You can still get tickets and check out if there is a show near you soon!

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