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“Not another Bloody Murder” Mystery at Lumley Castle

“Not another Bloody murder” is a brand new murder mystery that landed at Lumley Castle.

This was a first for me both going to Lumley Castle AND a murder Mystery. Let me say I had no idea Lumley castle was so easy to get to and how beautiful it is. The perfect setting for this event amongst others that I had no idea they do. They also have a escape room which I’m super excited to try one day!

What to expect

For the price of the ticket you get a welcome drink and head to one of many bars within the castle.

Here you can chat and meet others that are on the same. You don’t have to but if you’re like me, it’s a great way to meet people. From here the cast of the show will introduce themselves and you’ll follow them to the banquet hall for your 3 course dinner and “who dunnit”.

You sit with your group on tables so it will depend on the size of your group. There was lots of corporate work parties and i can see why. A great way for team building!

Throughout each course of the meal the cast act out the murder Mystery in a Poirot style. Its a great opportunity to dress up and I highly recommend you do!

For our meal we had a beautiful soup start followed by a chicken dish. The main dish was beautifully cooked and the flavours were lovely. The portion size was also really good too for the quality of food. Alongside you’re meal the bar have also created a special selection of cocktails specifically for the vent that you can purchase throughout the event.

The table also has house wine for you to drink alongside your meal.

For dessert the chef gave us a fruit tart designed with puree to look like a blood splatter and looked brilliant.

Back to the show itself. Expect some amazing acting. It can be super hard to act to a live crowd so If you’re attending please be respectful.

I’m not going to spoil it for you but let me tell you. Not one single person in the entire hall guessed the killer. And I think that gives credit to how amazing the show is written. This group of actors bring comedy to night and really make the night super special!

After the food and come down of the shock or the reveal, you can head back down to the bar to dance the night away on the dance floor. And chat a little more to you’re new friends about how no one could guess the murderer.

The tickets are £39.50 per person and the show is on every month until 11th November 2022.

Lumley castle is over 600 years old and has a lot of history to explore. Including some dark history which makes it a perfect setting for this type of event. The hotel is a four star luxury hotel offering boutique rooms. You can choose to upgrade your package and stay the night with a full English breakfast the following morning from £179 per room/couple.

Now that I’ve visits Lumley Castle I’ve been back for walks in the ground and the Northern Trails and cannot wait to visit again to sample some of the amazing culinary experiences they have including the Sunday lunches!

*gifted experience

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