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Why you should choose Traverse for you’re first solo travel

It taken me many years to build up the courage to travel solo. The truth is, When you travel, you’re never really on you’re own.

There was so many reasons or excuses I can say now, that stopped me booking a trip on my own. But after I finally bit the bullet and booked with Traverse, it changed my life. The worries I had were mainly around safety. Being a 4 ft 10 woman travelling on my own made me a little anxious, especially as some countries cultures can treat women very differently even within Europe. Then there was the thought of being totally alone. Sounds silly when you’re looking for a solo travel trip but I’m a sociable person as well as liking my own company too. Can can be both!

I’d been following Traverse for years and always been part of the community online but not in person. When I’ve attended online events with them, other content creators were so lovely and welcoming. I love that the Traverse network is made up of so many different people from so many different places and with different approaches to what they do. Some content creators, some travel writers, some photographers and some that just love travelling. There’s no pressure from the Traverse network but one thing they all have in common, the love of travel.

As a content creator, we all know that the focus on video content is huge right now and Keyframe 22 was the perfect opportunity for me to join them. Keyframe 22 focused on video content and was based in the beautiful tropical island of Madeira, Portugal.

Only a 4 hour flight from the UK, with great weather all year round, I knew this was the best place for me to do my first solo trip. I’d been to Portugal before and knew the locals were so warm and welcoming that this small island would be a great place to feel comfortable as well as meeting new people.

Keyframe set up consists of 1 whole week jammed packed full of events throughout the day. Opening parties and night time meet ups. Then on the weekend is the 2 day conference weekend full of amazing and inspiring speaker and plenty of time to learn new tricks, styles and what’s best for you as a creator.

The Traverse team put a lot of effort into planning the trip and update you along the way before the trip so you don’t miss out on booking the events that are right for you and making sure you know where everything is located ect. That for me was really reassuring and made me feel more relaxed about my trip. Even thought I hadn’t met anyone, I felt part of the network.

The beauty of it all is that you get book book youre own travel and accommodation and sing to youre own tunes. You are aware of the events but there’s no pressure to attend the night time meet ups, although you want to as this is a great way to meet people. Plus, there’s free drinks and food too! The Traverse team don’t let you down with locations, they book the best hotels and spots of the parties. Our opening night event was at the rooftop bar at Cristiano Renaldo hotel and what a spot!

The events throughout the day are worth the cost of the tickets to Keyframe. I’d say the monetary value doesn’t come near how much you get for the price. You get so much more than the day trips but they were pretty cool too.

On the first day I had time to explore the old town and ventured on my own which was lovely. I had no one to worry about if they wanted to go somewhere and if wanted to go the other way.

Sounds a little selfish but it’s really relaxing not having to worry about anyone is refreshing. Also, grabbing this time alone is important was the rest of the trip is busy meeting so many new people that, as I said before, youre never really alone. After my stroll I went on my first trip, a trip across the island to the natural pools which were amazing and had a chance to talk to new people, I already felt part of the family at this point and it was only day one.

Other trips I went on included visiting the black sands of Seixal beach, having a beautiful afternoon tea at Reid’s palace with Sabine from Girl Vs Globe and met so many lovely women. We also have a trip to one of the many cable cars on the island. This one had to be the steepest and at the bottom was an amazing organic farm. We had an amazing tour guide and we were taught about the agriculture of the island and it was fascinating.

Some nights after the day trips I decided to have an early nights. Then some I joined a few people having a drink and trying the local Poncha then dancing the night away.

I honestly felt that I met some of the kindest, and likeminded people. I left feeling like a different person. There’s something about facing youre fears and now I’ve done this, There’s no looking back.

I would definitely say that if youre looking for your first solo travel trip, joining Traverse is a really great way of breaking into it.

Traverse typically do two trips per year, Keyframe and the Traverse big trip of the year. This year it’s to Brno in Czech Republic, tickets are still available so check them out here. It’s a really great spot to keep costs low with many cheaper flight options and accommodation for all budgets.


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