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HELLO! The Book of Mormon arrives at Sunderland

From the creators of South Park, The Book of Mormon has been called the best musical of the Century by New York Times. I’m here to see if that’s true.

The musical will be here from Tuesday 18th October to Saturday 29th October 2022, for tickets and to see where it’s touring next visit the ATG website.

The Book of Mormon was recently touring the North East and my friends got to see if however i was on holiday and missed it, so when I heard it coming BACK, and to my favourite theatre Sunderland Empire I was so excited. My friends told me it was one NOT to be missed and one of the best they had seen too. So so far not a bad word to be said.

Where did it all begin?

Co-Director Trey Parker was the creator behind South Park which will be on it’s 25th Season in 2022. Trey went to university in the popular student town on Boulder, Colorado. The same state South Park is based on too. After a row of winning films, Trey created The Book of Mormon which has went on to win 4 Tony Awards including Best Musical. While at university Trey met Matt Stone who is responsible for the music behind the show.

Matt Stone and Robert Lopez got together for this Book of Mormon bringing some of the most memorable songs that are on the stage. Trust me, the songs will be in our heads for days after the performance. Robert is the genius behind the Avenue Q musical among many others and award winning too.

The musical follows two Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa from their home state Utah. They are on a mission to convert the people of a remote Ugandan village into Mormonism. We go along with them for the funniest journey you will every see.

We join Elder Price and Elder Cunningham who have graduated from the Mormon training centre of the latter day saints and have been giving a new mission to buddy up on a tour to Africa.

Elder Price played by Robert Colvin is a devout missionary to be elder and believes if he prays hard enough he will get his dreamed of missionary to Orlando, Florida. Robert is definitely the heartthrob of the show. The perfect Mormon on paper, the perfect Latter day saint. His experience shines through on stage and you may have also seen him as Warner in Legally blonde amongst other shows on the west end and USA.

Elder Cunningham played by Connor Pierson who is a comical genius. HIs one liners make you belly laugh all the way through the show. His timing is impeccable. From Washington USA, this is his first major role. However, I have a feeling we will be seeing in a lot more on stage. Elder Cunningham is Elder Price’s Sidekick as he calls it at the start. To Cunningham it’s his new best friend.

Cunningham is joined on stage by Darth Vader, Start Trek, Hobbits and Yoda. Yes, the show really is that bizarre and thats not just all in his imagination.

You’ll soon fall in love with the Ugandan village they arrive in and the people. Nabulingi played by Aviva Tulley has a wonderful voice and easy to fall in love with. She helps her village find peace even if it is with a false god or made up story or dysentery a f**k Frog and golden plates.

As well as the people of the village there is also the team of missionary’s that have been there for some time before the new arrivals.

Led by Elder McKinley ( Jordan Lee Davies) who’s experiences shines through. He plays a integral part throughout the show. HIs accolades include Chicago, Chess and Les Miserables.

Full of Shock OMG moments.

There are some shock moments throughout the show which is what makes it incredibly funny. If you are seeing it for the first time, expect the unexpected. Expect things to be said that would never be spoken. The show is done a brilliant job of making the offensive light hearted and funny and I really have no idea how they have managed it. It more that just the screenplay, its the actors. The impeccable timing and they look like they are having just as much fun on stage as you are watching.


Before the show you can see huge fans and followers of the show. You might even see some dress up Mormon. But wait till youre outside to see the real Mormons who will more that likely greet you on the way home and are huge fans of the spotlight the show has brought to them. Will you be the next superfan?

To see what other shows are on a UK tour and for tickets see some previous reviews

*Gifted tickets however view are all my own


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