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The Greatest Musical Of All Time, On Stage at Sunderland Empire: Les Miserables

OK so, I made a bold statement. Is Les Miserables really the best musical ever?

Sunderland Empire has welcomed the record breaking tour of Les Miserables to its stage and for the first time ever!

Cameron Mackintosh’s production has finally come to one of the biggest stages in the North East and rightly so. The show is the 3rd longest running show on Broadway and even if you are NOT a musical fan, you would have heard of the musical. For me, it became one of my favourite ever soundtracks after I saw the movie with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway in 2012.

I had to only imagine hearing it on stage until today and I wasn’t prepared to be so blown away.

Les Miserables

The show is a sung through musical and each and every person on the stage contributes in their own way. There are no break from vocals, from the passion both jovial and heartache from the start to finish.

Here at Sunderland Until 19th November 2002 Get your tickets NOW from only £13

This touring production is brought to you by Colin Mackintosh. Colin took control in 2009 to celebrate its 25’th anniversary and still going strong.

Set in France during the French Revolution, it may have been set in a different time. However, seeing the struggles the civilians go through reminds you a lot of home. It sets the tone that as a nation you should be brave and strong and that kindness always wins!

The main Character Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman in the movie), was played by Will Barratt in our showing. He was incredible. HIs vocals were perfect throughout and his ability to story tell and emotive acting was really incredible. It was clear that the whole cast had a wealth of experience in musical theatre. All roles, and there are many, were amazing. As a all singing show, you must have experienced singers and actors that are able to keep the energy flowing and vocals perfect at all times without seeming tired.

As mentioned before the show is running until 19th November so the vocal training the cast must have to do I imagine will be gruelling. Unlike to show itself which is flawless and amazing.

The case of the show all tour together and can all play several parts apart from their own. However Will Barrett as Jean Valjean was amazing and I cant imagine anyone else playing his role. Likewise with Javert, The bad egg of the musical. Played by Russell Crowe in the move, Nic Greenshields did a wonderful job. From the start he was intimidating in person and in vocals!

The vocals of the men in the show were truly something else! The females of course has some shoes to fill. Well know songs such as I dreamed a dream and On my Own are show stoppers and require skilled singers. The songs in Les Miserable are so emotional and to be cast in this show you have to be able to do it all.

Lauren Drew as Fontaine and Siobhan O’Drisscoll as Eponine were two showstoppers. Completely different in character however both great as nailing the hit songs.

You will have to go and see for yourself the sheer power of the voices on stage and how well it carries to the audience and blows you away. The talent on stage all at once is overwhelming and that for me is what makes it the best musical of all time!

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*gifted tickets however all opinions my own


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