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A White Christmas this year at Sunderland Empire

It’s that time of year again. Each and every Christmas we pray for a White Christmas, this year you’re dream as come true as it arrives at Sunderland Empire.

The show is a magical remake of the 1954 American musical. It has always been one of my favourite Christmas movies so when i heard the on stage musical was on tour I was really excited. There’s nothing more festive then going to a show at Christmas time.

White Christmas is perfect for all ages, old and young, why not start a new Christmas tradition. The show has been brought into theatres across the UK with a modern twist but keeping the old glamour of musical theatre.

White Christmas Production taken in Truro on November 12 , 2022

It tells a story of true friendship and of course there is a love story in there too. A story that starts with two men in the army, learning the importance of team work and being there for one another it sets a great president for the rest of the story.

If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll remember the brotherhood between Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye who play Bob and Phil. In this production we have the amazingly talented Dan Burton who plays Phil Davis and the star studded Jay McGuinness who plays Bob Wallace.

Dan shines through his dancing on stage, from tap to swing, his hips move so effortless throughout the scenes and i was mesmerised by how easy he made it all look. He years of experience shine through. His sidekick Jay, you will of heard of. From boy band The Wanted to Strictly Come Dancing, Jay gives off old school gentleman like personality and has amazing vocals. Of course he can dance too.

The Duo are joined by a female power couple, sisters Betty and Judy Haynes. Played by Jessica Daley and Monique Young, the pair were so elegant on stage on nailed every song and dance move.

White Christmas Production taken in Truro on November 12 , 2022

The two comrades meet the sisters to ask them to join them on tour. When two of them quickly fall for each other, they end up in Vermont in a trick played on them by the lovestruck couple. The pitch of the perfect WHITE CHRISTMAS didn’t turn out well. When they arrived in Vermont all of their audience had left because the snow never arrived.

With a twisted fate, the range they ended up arriving at was home to their old general Waverly played by Michael Starke. After seeing his struggles they group together and bring their famous show to him.

One of my favourite scenes in on the way to Vermont on the train. They have a song they sing on the journey and to cast do such a good job to make it look like the train is moving all white singing and dancing at the same time!

White Christmas Production taken in Truro on November 12 , 2022

Throughout the journey to put on this amazing show, we see ups and down, new relationships form and old ones too. The true story of how Christmas brings everyone together again at the end of the year to support each other.

White Christmas is on at Sunderland Empire until this Saturday 3rd, get youre tickets quick.

Did it end up being a snowy Christmas in Vermont? well, you’ll have to go and find out!

*Gifted tickets but views are my own

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