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The Sisters Have arrived At Sunderland Empire: Sister Act The Musical

Sister Act The Musical has finally arrived at Sunderland Empire. The remake of the hit move, Sister Act The Musical has some new tricks up it’s sleeve, Literally.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I had heard that the Olivier Award winning nominated musical wad not just a replica of the movie. I love the film so I wasn’t too sure if I wanted something new …but I was not expecting how amazing it was.

As a child, I would watch the film and sing the songs over and over again. Deloris, played by Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most epic characters from the 80’s and I honestly did not think anyone would come close to her….expect Landi Oshinowo did exactly that! What a queen! SI couldn’t believe she had the exact mannerism, voice and chords. She plays the part with ease and it looks like it just comes so natural for her. She makes us laugh throughout the show and you instantly fall in love with her character. From start to finish she has the energy to keep us all dancing in our seats and laughing till the end.

Of course she is joined by the sisterhood of nuns. All of the favourites from the film were there and wait until you see the last episode for the costume change! You will love it!

Each and every character is different and all add their own charm to the show. All hilarious from start to finish and a star in their own right. Sister Mary Robert played by Lizzie Bea was also a perfect casting as her voice was just incredible!

A new added part was of the police officer “Steady Eddie” played by Alfie Parker. He is such a lovable character, a cop that has a crush on Deloris from school and they have somehow managed to find each other again. Well, he found her through unfortunate circumstances. It you have seen the film you will know. And if you haven’t, where have you been?!?

“steady Eddie” has some really great parts making Sister Act The Musical slightly different from the movie but equally as brilliant. In one of his solo songs, He has me laughing so much i was crying. I wont spoil why, you will have to go and see for yourself.

I’ll save the baddies till last. The trio of bad guys, Deloris’s married boyfriend and his gang cant be taken too seriously. Throughout you see them trying to show off some terrible chat up lines and dances moves, except those were really good. They had some great dance moves and as a trio worked brilliantly together. You could see their experience on stage because even when they were trying to look bad, they didn’t.

Sister Act The Musical is here until 2 December 2023. Check out the tickets sales now.

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Gifted tickets however views are my own


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