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Berlin Christmas Markets with Jet2: My Top Tips

Year after year, Berlin Christmas Markets are listed as one of the best to visit in Europe. I flew with Jet2 flights direct from Newcastle Airport to Berlin to go and see why they considered some of the best.

Jet2 operate out of several airports and I have flown with them many times to both sun and winter destinations. They specifically fly to Berlin in the months of November and December, which is exactly in time with the Christmas markets. To find flights from Newcastle Airport see here.

The flight is just under 2 hours and the best thing about flying Jet2 has to be the staff. They are so helpful and friendly and make this airline a pleasure to fly with. When arriving at Berlin Airport there are several ways to get into the city centre. Public transport is very easy to use and there are plenty of options that are suitable for all budgets.

Top tip 1

For a day ticket to use all lines on the trains is just over 10 Euro. This includes the FEX rail line, the train that runs back and forth from the airport to the city centre Hauptbahnhof train station. The train runs every couple of minutes and in my opinion the best way to get into town. You will see the old and new Berlin while you venture in and also see some of the main sites along the way too.

When you arrive at the train station, you may be slightly overwhelmed. It is the largest train station in Europe with trains arriving above and below you. It looks like a shopping mall itself due to the size and operates all hours. Once here you can navigate the underground U-Bahn system or the S-Bahn. These are the 2 different trains that operate around the city centre making it super easy to travel. You can ask a member of staff, there are lots around and they are very helpful.

Top Tip 2

The Berlin Christmas markets are spread out all over the city centre. There are over 80 different locations. Yes 80!

My top tip is to research which markets you would like to visit before deciding where to stay. Some markets offer different activities and entertainment, so its best to use you’re time wisely. However, if you don’t like to plan, you could just walk and you will be sure to come across a market or two.

We stayed in Potsdammer Plaz. I have been to Berlin before and this area is modern and close to many of the main attractions in Berlin. It is only a few minutes walk from the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building and the Mall of Berlin. It has a U-Bahn and S-Bahn station so it’s very easy to get to places without walking.

Top tip 3

Beware of the weather. Berlin can get very cold. I was not prepared for how cold it would be. It was actually warmer when it snowed, and magical. The roads and paths are gritted well and transport still functions, unlike back here in the UK. They are well prepared for the weather unlike I was. You can walk everywhere in Berlin, it’s very flat, however, if it is too cold, I suggest planning you’re route underground to avoid the cold.

We stayed in the Berlin Marriott Hotel. A 4* hotel in the heart of Potsdammer Platz. Not only is location excellent, the hotel is a lovely buzz of people and it has it’s own spa. This was a great added extra for us to warm up after a cold day. Staff in the hotel were very welcoming and our rooms were super clean, modern and big. The hotel offer luxury facilities and elegant rooms. The hotel also offers a fitness suite, executive rooms and an executive lounge. If you want to upgrade you can also snag a room with panoramic views.

One thing that stood out for me was the quality of the breakfast. It had a full range of options including a cooked breakfast and the service was great. It was prepared for the busy queues on the weekend mornings and slightly quieter on the weekdays. The food was fresh and regularly topped up. I had the best coffee and couldn’t wait for it each morning. We had the breakfast of kings, which meant we didn’t have to spend much money of food during the day as it kept us going. I have to admit that the coffee shops are amazing in Berlin so I did treat myself to one….or two!

Top Tip 4

The Christmas markets are beautiful and super popular for the whole of Europe. Berlin is a BIG city. Twice the size of London. Be prepared for crowds.

At some points it got very crowded on the night time. If you can try and see some markets during the day to beat the crowds it would be a good idea. It allows you to really see the stalls. At the larger markets on the evening it can get so busy that you’re stuck in crowds and unable to see the stalls. It also avoids lots of bumping into people. It is understandable as people finish work and meet for festive drinks as I do at home! I think if you want to experience the Christmas markets you need to go day and night. They are open during the day too so don’t think you’ll miss out on anything, you wont!

Top tip 5

So for my final tip, lots of people told me that stalls take cash and card so don’t worry if you don’t have cash. I did not experience this. On many stalls they would only accept cash. However with some markets being so big, there are other options to pay on card at the stalls but if you really like something you see, just make sure you have cash so you don’t miss out. I was desperate to try a Langos and every stall I went to get one only accepted cash…I still haven’t had one. Don’t worry, I experienced lots of other traditional foods so I didn’t leave hungry!

So overall. I walked 23 THOUSAND steps a day. With a Jet2 trip to Berlin, you’ll see so many sites, so much History. Old Berlin and new Berlin is just mesmerising. You can walk for hours in this amazing city. The people of Berlin are so helpful, every single person we asked for directions and advice spoke English and were super helpful so don’t be afraid to ask. Likewise, if you have any burning questions, ask away!

This was one of the best Christmas Market experiences and Jet2 trips I have ever been on. For Just a 2 hour flight, I was transported to a Christmas heaven with amazing food I have to add! Get booked up for next year, you won’t regret it.

*AD: trip was gifted however all opinions are my own

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