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But Who Dunnit? The Mousetrap returns to Sunderland Empire

Now I’m sure everyone has head of Agatha Christie and her murder mysteries but did you know The Mousetrap? It is one of her most famous mystery and is now on it’s 70th tour of the UK. The tour has arrived at Sunderland and I went along to Sunderland Empire to find out who dunnit!

It’s can’t be a surprise for me to tell you that The Mousetrap is is the worlds longest running play. That’s the world, not just the UK and that is why I’m shocked that I hadn’t seen it yet.

It’s an old fashioned murder mystery yet gets everyone hooked from the get go. The stage is set for the whole play with 8 actors. It is as simple as that sounds, it does get complicated.

Along the way you will have to keep remembering who said what, where they went and where they are now. Before I arrived I knew I’d love the thrill but I didn’t hold much hope that I would find the killer as I haven’t managed to ever do it in the past!

Your in for a treat with this tour. They have some well know famous faces as well as some well experiences stage actors and actresses.

If you were a fan of Eastenders or Grange Hill then you’ll recognise Todd Carty who plays Major Metcalf. I think he was one of my fave characters. He is so far removed to what I thought he would play but there is a twist I wont spoil. Alongside him, another famous TV face is Gwyneth Strong who plays Mrs Boyle. A unlikable character but I suppose someone has to be. Most famously you’ll know her as Cassandra from Oly fools and horses but she has a great accolade of experience. It really shows on stage.

I really enjoyed the on stage relationship between Mollie and Giles who have just opened up the guest house to welcome guests. We go on a journey with them as first timers and the stress it brings to a couple. We can all relate and I don’t think id be doing the same with my partner in real life! The two are brilliant professionals and bring an array of reasons they could be the killer. Credit to Neerja Naik and Barnaby Jago.

Another lovable character is the young Christopher Wren played by Shaun McCourt. He brings so much energy and laughter to the show. I think you either love him or hate him, he could be annoying and that’s the whole point of the character. But to the audience we fall in love with him. He has secrets just like all of them, but does that mean he is the killer?

Last but not least. We have the last two guests, firstly Miss Casewell played by Amy Spinks. An independent young lady who keeps herself to herself and really I feel we don’t find out much about her until the end. She’s a bit of a closed book but holds herself well throughout the play. She remains a mystery until the end. And then lastly Mr Paravicini, a last minute guest that brakes down in the snow.

As well as the loved Christopher Wren, He brins comedy to the show. He broke down, but was it planned? He is tongue in cheek with his comments and provides a brilliant commentary throughout the play as well as a comical Dracula vibe. Played by Steven Elliott who has lots of experience on stage, I would love to see him on stage again.

Our final character in the show is not a guest, but is a policeman that comes to solve the murder. Detective Sargent Trotter is played by Michael Ayiotis. Michael has a TV and stage experience and helps to bring together the story on stage with dramatic twists and turns. He keeps us second guessing and on our toes and it because making me rethink at every twist and turn that I couldn’t guess the killer.

Of course, I know now, but I’m not going to tell. You will have to go for yourself!

The tour started where it first began in 1952 and travelling the UK so you get a chance to see it. Your never too old or too young to see this so grab your tickets while you can. It’s here until Saturday 3rd February 2024.

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*gifted tickets but my views are my own

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