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Pretty Woman…Walking into Sunderland!

So this show is going to be big…HUGE! Pretty Woman was a HUGE smash hit on the West End and has now made it’s way around the UK and Ireland on it’s first tour.

Pretty Woman

If you haven’t seen or heard of Pretty Woman than you’ve been living under a rock, or your not an 80’s kid like me. This Hollywood movie has now been turned into a musical and for all you cynics out there, don’t know it until you’ve tried it.

The story follows Vivian on a quest for her best life ever found herself in the the wrong circles until the night she meets Edward and her life changed forever. The show takes you along on the romantic journey and gives you all the feels.

Amber Davies plays the famous Vivian Ward and is the perfect casting. We have watched her grow in confidence on stage since her role in 9 to 5 where her vocals were on point, to Back to the Future and now this classic smash hit musical. Amber brought her quirkiness to the show that I wasn’t expecting and It’s not just Edward that falls in love with her. We do to!

Her romantic duo is completed by her “other half” Edward, is played by Oliver Savile who has an accolade of experience on stage and in his musical career. From award winning musicals of Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables to playing with Sting. His elegance shows on stage and his ability to create that romantic tension on stage is brilliant.

There are some raunchy parts of the show but as expected because the show closely follows the movie. Expect this time they have added some great new songs and music that bring great energy to the stage.

From the very start Ore Oduba shows of his amazing talent by playing not just one, but two roles within the musical. We all know him from Strictly Come dancing and he has ample opportunities to showcase his dancing skills but he really is a brilliant all rounder with expectational talent for the stage. He had the ability to transform from a funny “happy man” to then a warm, kind hearted funny Mr Thompson that we all loved from the show. Trust me you’ll love Ore as much if not more!

If you want to catch this Beverly Hills musical then you will catch it here in Sunderland until 8th June.

*press tickets but my own opinion


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