• GHD Platinum + Festival Collection Review

    Festival season is here and your hairstyle is equally as important as the perfect festival outfit, so GHD is here to save the day!

    First of all, I had NO IDEA that GHD stood for Good hair day but of course, it does! And you would probably already know that, just like you already know who the brand is, most women I know own a pair of GHD’s of some sort.

    GHD platinum+ festival collection

    GHD has a cult-like status across the world and has rightly so won awards consecutively for their amazing designs. The new festival collection launched on April 1st 2019 and is the most beautiful collection so far!

    You can see by the design and colours that this collection is fun and a great time to be exploring with new hairstyles and stand out from the crowd.

    GHD Platinum+ Festival Collection Styler

    You cannot deny the packaging of this range is stunning! From the smooth silver to added bright colours I want to show them off to everyone!

    IMG 0357 1 - GHD Platinum + Festival Collection Review

    The packaging is super sleek. The small details count for a lot too! The buttons on this styler are easy to use, and the noise it makes when it is turned on and ready to use down the fine things like the plates. The plates are black with different coloured glitter in it to give it that something extra!

    The styler also comes with a coordinating heat resistant bag that folds out as a matt that you can store and use when styling your hair.


    The GHD platinum+ festival styler give you up to 20% more shine and heats up in the fastest time ever. The styler contains the latest Ultra zone predictive technology. This means that the styler has 3 sensors and 3 heating zones. The styler is designed to not get too hot in order to not damage your hair. Across each plate, they deliver a constant 185C so the heat is consistent when styling.

    GHD platinum+ festival collection

    The GHD platinum+ is the SMART styler and predictive technology that predicts your hair’s needs and changes the power accordingly. The stylers are designed to work on even the stubbornest of hair types. For me, I have thick hair but the stylers work well. It recognises the thickness of your hair and your styling speed. The styler gives you your style in just one stroke.


    So I have tested them on my hair with both straight and curled hair.

    Straight: When I used them to do this style I noticed they don’t open up as wide as my old straighteners however they perform the same way with the same result. If not better. It somehow seems more smooth and soft.

    Curls: I found as soon as I used these, they are perfect for curls. I assume they will also be good for most styling. The curved edge and smoothness of the blades made the glides perfectly to make those curls rather than a straight edge.

    IMG 0358 - GHD Platinum + Festival Collection Review

    The festival collection is limited edition. For a limited time only if you order from the website you get a free gift up to £29.99.

    *GHD have been kindly gifted in return for a review

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