My January Hotpicks: Top 5

Hi Y’all.

So its the new year and first month and what better way to start then try all new my products and Christmas presents!

I’ve put together a Top 5 of my favourite products that I’m using this month some old some new!

  1. Liz Earle: Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser


I have been using this for 2 years now and it never gets old. This is an item that all women should absolutely have in their bathroom. I received this again (thank god) for a Christmas present. Thanks MUM! Perfect for around £15! I’ve used many make up removers…none that beats this one. It removes EVERYTHING in one go and no panda eyes!. The muslin cloth is also great as is gently exfoliates at the same time.


2. HiSmile: Teeth Whitening Kit


This is a new product for me. I found it on Instagram and saw that there was a special offer online so I bought the kit with 3 peroxide gels and LED light. I must say I was a bit hesitant after hearing so many negative things about teeth whitening but couldn’t resist at least trying it. HiSmile seem like a reputable company so I invested my money. Delivery was very quick which was great! I’ve used this once and it was very easy to use. It comes with a shade guide and I’m convinced after one use my teeth have gone lighter by one shade. I’ll carry on and see how it goes. Love how my teeth feel afterwards, so shiny and smooth. I’d say it is worth a buy while on offer!

3.Clinique Blush: Cheek Pop


Up until now I’ve always been a bronzer only girl. I have very rosy cheeks and have always avoided blush. I’ve been practising a little more and feeling more confident about choosing the right shade and buying a blush. I found this on offer at the York outlets and thought I give it a go and been using it everyday since. A little goes a long way and I would even pay full price for this now which is £17. There are a range of colours and I am using “heather pop”. Cant wait to explore more blushes!

4.Palmers: Deep Conditioning Protein Pack


I have long hair and its not thin! Until recently it was bleached blonde for a long time and therefore damaged. I picked this sachet up at sally’s for about £3.00 but you can buy for £1.99 on Amazon and its a MIRACLE! I got 2 use’s from this but depending on your hair it may go further. It smells lovely too! After only one use my hair felt stronger and more silky without being greasy. I recommend this product although feel I would be better in a bottle for those needs a intensive repair once a week.

5. Sephora: Bubble Mask detoxifying and oxygenating


I picked this up on my recent trip to Poland. Its a good alternative for Bliss: oxygen mask and MUCH cheaper . I could rant all day about how much a LUURVE Sephora and gutted its not in the UK but ill carry on ha! This product was around £13. You only have to apply a tiny bit so although its a small bottle it does last a long time and I only use it once a week. I love the bubble sensation when applying it and how clean it makes my skin feel after. This product leaves my skin glowing and fresh! Definitely worth it for a quick pick me up if your skin’s feeling a bit dull.

There you go guys! If you have any recommendation for me on any of the above products I would love to hear them! Gx