• ColourPop: Review

    ColourPop: Review

    ColourPop finally ship to the UK!

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    You would have seen this brand on YouTube and causing a storm all over Social media, but what’s so good about it?

    ColourPop is make up brand created in 2004 and aimed to be affordable and cruelty free. What is not to love about that!

    DSC 1972 1440x960 - ColourPop: Review

    I’ve been desperate to get my hands on their products and my good friend Katie gifted me with the LoveLine quad eyeshadow palette.

    Loveline contains 4 of the Super Shock Shadows in pink tones.

    The shadows retail at $5.00 each and the set is available to buy for $18.00 so your saving. Regardless of that saving as quad these shadows are super cheap. Yet the packaging is not cheap which at first made me think they were expensive plus with NOT shipping to the UK I didn’t consider this brand.


    This shade is a light neutral shade perfect for a transitional shade or to wear alone.


    A beautiful metallic gold glitter shade that sparkles lovely in the light


    The darkest shade, a dark burgundy metallic shade perfect for a dramatic look


    A light pink soft shade colour, perfect for the summer

    So how do they apply?

    These are the craziest shadows I have ever tried! The formula is definitely unique. ColourPop eyeshadows are a long lasting crème formula that is different from your traditional powder eyeshadows. This means that there is less fall out and the colour stays true when applying. It also, In my opinions makes it slightly difficult to apply at first however with practise won’t be an issue. I’d rather have a good quality long lasting product than something easy to apply that doesn’t last at all! And its crazy how cheap they are!

    I have tried applying it with fingers as recommended and with a brush however as the website correctly recommends, it’s easier to apply with your fingers however go over the edges with a fluffy brush to blend out.

    I’m so excited to buy more products from this range especially the lipsticks! Go check them out https://colourpop.com/products/love-line

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