• My Travel Diaries: Hamburg

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    HALLO from Hamburg.

    2016 saw lots of opportunities for me to travel including back to my home country of Germany.

    This trip was certainly nostalgic at first but I was so excited to return back to Germany after 29 years! I stayed with my dad and his wife and split the trip into 2 parts.

    For the first part of my trip I went north to the town of Flensburg, an industrial town on the border of Germany and Denmark. The further North we went the countryside opened up and it was beautiful, so green!

    We visited Glucksburg Castle, a Danish castle now situated in Germany. its on the Flensburg Fjord and is occupied by a lady at the moment. I desperately wanted to visit for tea but my dad wouldn’t let me! ha! The castle was beautiful as well as the surrounding town.



    And Relax

    After a few relaxing days in the country we ventured back down to the city of Hamburg. I stayed in Hamburg for 2 nights before returning home. The first night I stayed in Hotel Wedina on the bank of Lake Alster. This hotel is quirky and very authentic. In the main reception it has a library in the dining area and the walls are full of books, it was very cosy. The hotel has several buildings all identified by different colours. We were in the green building across the road, through the Blue building hahaha. At first we thought what the hell” but once we located our rooms I was pleasantly surprised. The customer service was excellent and the apartment we had was spacious, clean and contemporary.

    Once checked in we went out to explore! Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany so we had a lot of walking to do. The city is again industrial with lots of historical architectural beauty. We saw the town hall, St Michaels’s church, Alster lake and of course the designer shops! Stupid me decided to leave he shops till Sunday….


    if you intend to do any shopping in Hamburg on a Sunday, think again. Hamburg is a traditional city and EVERY SINGLE SHOP is closed on a Sunday!

    On the Sunday my dad left to return north and had the day to myself to relax and enjoy my stay I had booked at the 5* Sofitel in Alter Wall. My stay here was lovely, apart from the staff who could not speak much English and charged my card without asking! But the stay itself was so relaxing. I took a trip down to the spa and spent time chilling in my room surfing the web. If your looking for somewhere to stay in Hamburg you wont be disappointed, there are lots of gorgeous hotels from small boutique hotels to 5* chain hotels for you to choose from.

    I took myself out on the evening for food at a lovely little Italians and couldn’t resist taking some shots! Hamburg is evening more beautiful on evening!

    My Last Day

    The next day I made the long journey back home alone, sad to leave the beautiful city behind. This has defiantly made me want to explore more of what Germany has to offer and cant wait to go back! Who knows maybe next year!

    Please let me know if you guys recommend other cities in Germany and if so let me know the best places to go!

    Auf Wiedersehen






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